#1 Seafood Restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky

Brendon’s Catch 23 isn’t just another seafood restaurant in Louisville, KY, it’s Louisville’s premier seafood restaurant, a modern and trendy destination offering a seafood menu that can’t be beat. We serve fish from around the world ‑ most of it wild caught ‑ like black grouper from Panama served grilled, catfish from South Carolina whole fried and crispy, yellowfin tuna from Hawaii seared, and sea bass from Chile also seared. We also serve lobster tail from Canada and king crab legs from the Bering Sea. Availability may vary, but you can always give us a call to find out what kind of fish and shellfish we’re featuring on our menu.

Every fish and shellfish that we serve at Brendon’s Catch 23 is caught by master fishermen or raised by expert farmers and carefully shipped to keep the natural flavors of the fish and shellfish intact. Upon arrival at our Louisville, KY seafood restaurant, each fish and shellfish is prepared by a team of chefs who are as passionate about preparing and cooking seafood as you are about eating it. Each dish is carefully prepared and served by experienced servers whose first priority is to make sure that your seafood dinner in Louisville is an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Brendon’s Catch 23 is the perfect destination for Louisville seafood lovers, and you can also enjoy a handcrafted cocktail from our bar which features a variety of draught beers and spirits. If you’re not sure about what kind of wine, beer or cocktail to pair with your meal, don’t be afraid to ask one of the knowledgeable and helpful members of our wait or bar staff for an opinion. Our bar features a beautiful open air island design with wrap around seating where you can enjoy a meal from our full menu or from our bar menu.

If you are looking for a seafood restaurant in Louisville, KY look no further, Brendon’s Catch 23 is everything you could want in a seafood restaurant. Our many long time customers know that for a memorable and delicious seafood dinner in Louisville, Brendon’s Catch 23 is the only place to be. Come join us for seafood dining experience like no other you have ever had. We look forward to serving you. Contact Brendon’s Catch 23 today.

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